• CSP Solutions Ltd...
    ...is your IT Business Partner!

Our History

CSP was founded in 1997 as an Information Technology Service and outlet company based in Nicosia.  Over the years we developed into one of the most reliable overall IT solutions service providers in Nicosia. Combining our advanced technological products and knowledge, it was possible for us to review and reengineer our customer’s current IT infrastructure, thus helping them to unlock their potential; in a way “un-tying their hands”. Allowing them to focus on what is truly important; their core business and increasing their profitability.

Today, we have to offer a vast range of products and services for all your IT Business and home needs. We provide the latest innovated technology products and we major in building the ideal IT infrastructure for Businesses by offering Networking, Cloud, Virtualization, Backup, Security, Web, Software, and Consultancy solutions.

Most importantly, we are by your side 24/7!

 Our Mission

CSP’s mission is to become your preferred IT Business Solution Partner.
We aim to bring value and success to our customers by offering Superior Quality of Products, Services and Support!

CSP, is your IT Business Partner!

 Our Values

Customer success, by seeing our customers as partners, we are able to build long term relationships based on honesty and integrity.

Superior and innovative solutions and first class support that is timely and cost effective.

People are ready to take on any challenge. Teamwork, flexibility, novelty are all the advantages of our people, taking our mission statement to heart.

Our Core Foundations

CSP was built on a dream...

To provide our customers, with a first class, end to end Information Technology solutions.

The CSP foundations are built on four pillars:

  Accountability, Flexibility, Reliability and Affordability

Bringing these four variables together is our key differentiator from other companies, providing you with the ultimate customer experience. Our focus: customer satisfaction, based on trust, integrity, quality and superb working relationship.

From A to Z… you can rely on the CSP IT professionals!


Our People

At CSP we firmly believe in investing in people, as people are the key for achieving company success. IT professionals are virtually found everywhere in our market, however at CSP we make it our aim in attracting, training, motivating and retaining our people.



Our management team has extensive experience in producing and managing solutions for large organizations in Cyprus in various industries such as Real Estate, Trading Companies, Professionals, Engineering, Finance, and Couriers. Every member of our team has experience from various industries and is empowered to make the difference.

We meet our clients’ challenges by having the best people and processes in place to consistently deliver service excellence, providing the correct solutions on time and on budget.


ISO9001 Certified

CSP is ISO 9001 Certified!

We believe in offering superior quality of products & services and what better way to prove that we do....

We implement standards to make sure we consistenly provide producs and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements effectively.