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One of the most important activities that an organization should engage in is to make sure that when connected with the internet, all information remains secure. Therefore we make sure to provide a strong Security Network Infrastructure to protect your data from breaches of security, software theft and virus infections.

Our qualified and experienced engineers provide solutions that best suit your business requirements and protect your network and systems. CSP main Security Network Solutions include:

Firewall Security
Network Control & Management Solution


As we have become a society that accesses the net on daily basis, we need to make sure that the network that we might be accessing is safe and secure. Firewall solutions will help us do just this…control the incoming and outgoing network traffic to make sure it is secure.

Therefore it is very important to install a Firewall Security in your business infrastructure. The Firewall Security Software will provide a line of defense between computers that share information. More specifically a firewall examines all traffic routed between your computer and the Internet to see if it meets certain criteria. If it does, it is allowed in. If it doesn't, it is stopped, protecting your computer from intrusion. Hence the firewall keeps your machine from getting burned by destructive intrusions that could result in data loss or file corruption.

CSP makes sure to provide you with a firewall that will have the precise tools to protect your private information while connected to a public network. CSP guarantees this protection via: WatchGuard® Technologies


The WatchGuard family of network security appliances is a new class of performance-driven security solutions. Blazing fast throughput combines with advanced networking features to handle high-volume traffic securely - at an affordable price. Includes a suite of flexible management tools that allows IT administrators to manage security through an intuitive centralized console, command line interface, and web UI. With various models to choose from, small to mid-size businesses have an ideal solution to protect their networks, applications and data.

WatchGuard Technologies delivers the best firewall, email security, web security, etc in the market. It has been acknowledged as a global leader in business security solutions (announcement in the "Leaders" quadrant of Gartner's 2012 Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management).

‘WatchGuard UTMs are the trusted security appliances employed to stop hackers, malware, spyware, viruses and all sorts of Web threats from reaching mission critical applications, networks and data." Said by: Eric Aarrestad, Vice President of Marketing at WatchGuard Technologies. 
CSP Technicians are Certified from WatchGuard, as they have taken various seminar trainings to gain the necessary information and experience to install and support WatchGuard Security Appliances. Today they have installed WatchGuard in many organizations in the Cypriot Market and our very pleased with the outcome results



Better safe than sorry…. At all levels security is vital. Therefore, for your local PC, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone and Server installing antivirus software will help protect, detect and eliminate dangerous virus of the web.

CSPs objective is to provide your business with the best suitable Antivirus software in the market that will help prevent, detect, and remove malware, computer viruses, computer worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, etc.

For this solution we have the privilege of cooperating with the best antivirus software provider: Bitdefender.


Bitdefender business solutions deliver superior protection while saving time and resources.

Key Benefits:
- Cloud based console so it does not use resources on the server 
- Protects unique categories, extended detection and response 
- The Virus signature data base is updated every hour so you protected against even the most lasted virus released. Anticipate, detect, and instantly block even the newest threats before they can cause you any trouble
- Filters with greater precision website and applications that you do don’t want to be running.
- A relay server can be installed that can send updates and upgrades to all PC’s without using internet bandwidth 
- The incident sensor users machine learning that detects and prevents suspicious activity on the system
- Blocks USB, Website and Application
- Ability to install a central scan server, that can automatically scan all PCs without causing any delays on PC activity.

 CSP technicians have great experience and expertise knowledge in the installation on monitoring of Bitdefender Anti-Virus Solutions.



Network Control & Management Solutions

Do you really know what your employees are up to, once they sit behind their computers? At CSP we have available intelligent Software that can help you control and monitor what sites your employees can access and what data they are allowed to share.

More specifically via Currentware software solutions we provide: Browse Control, Browse Reporter, Access Portal and enPower Management.