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CSP creates Software Solutions to effectively promote your business ideas!

Our on-going goal is to be able to assist our customers in their daily activities in an effective and efficient matter.

That is why our Software engineers will make sure to offer a practical solution to whatever complicate situations your organization is being faced with. All you have to do is share with us what is on your mind, and we will find the solution. If you require it, we will design hands-on software that will improve and enhance your company’s objective or if you want, CSP can provide you with an existing ERP solution that has proven to be efficient in more than 20 countries in Europe...IFS Solutions: Logistics, Accounting, Human resource...what ever you need!

No matter what the choice is, we will be by your side to assist you for whatever you may need as CSP has the know-how and the capability to make your life easier!

Web-Based VAT forms

VAT Generator Report System

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Access Control Reporting System

Employee Access Tracking

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Accident Care System

A web-based system to handle accidents

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Custom Software 

Software built just for you...There are times when an off the shelf software solution will simply not do. Of course, modern off the shelf packages are often highly configurable and customizable but you may require a fresh and innovative solution, tailored to your specific needs. Bespoke software allows for this and can provide you with a key competitive advantage.

Here at CSP we believe that the key to a successful bespoke solution is in close collaboration with you. To be able to apply both your design needs and functional needs, our project team will listen to you and work closely with you throughout the process, gathering requirements and delivering software releases in an iterative fashion. This approach allows both parties to be fully involved with the process of creating high quality software that will benefit your organization.

We have experience of developing bespoke solutions across a whole range of industries. So whether you require our expertise full time on or would like us to work with a third party development team or with your own IT department, we promise to deliver excellence of product and support!
Below we provide you with software that has already been developed for specific needs

Cover-Note Application 

The Online Cover-Note Application is a solution designed to contribute to the successful initial engagement that Insurance Companies have to offer. Instantly the Insurance Agent can provide the customer with a cover note. No matter where you are, in the office or outdoor, you can secure the request of a cover note within minutes.

What we offer is an application done smart, easy and fast. On the spot, with no delays, you can retrieve a legal Cover Note to make sure that your customer is insured and safe.


Easy Service 

A software designed specifically to assist Mechanics that have their own Garage Services that wish to be well organized and professional.

It is a unique tool that will help you keep accurate records of your customers and of the services that you have provided to them. With just a few clicks, you can register your customers, schedule appointments, report problems and solutions, enroll parts used, and issue invoices and electronic receipts.

The best part of Easy Service System, as stated, is that it is a friendly - easy to use system that can be applied in both Greek and English. You and your employees can learn to use it in just a couple of hours. It is straightforward, with no complications and ready to use.

We guarantee that the outcome will be remarkable and beneficial to both you and your customer. To provide excellent support is a key differentiator from others in the related field. Easy Service was built for this purpose, as it allows you to keep a history log of all the services, repairs or parts used on the car. Hence when the car comes back with a “new” problem, with a quick search, you will have all the relative data to that car in order to help you provide a more accurate solution in a faster manner. Not to mention, it releases you from paper mass, data loss and in general saves you precious time.

Easy Service is the ultimate mechanism for mechanics to install!

MediView PRO

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A software designed specifically to assist Doctors in recording and tracking down their patient’s history in a well-organized and professional manner.

This unique program will help you keep accurate records of your patient’s personal and medical information, including diagnosing history, pharmaceutical treatment history, drug prescriptions, allergy history, lab results and all medical testing. With just a few clicks, you can register your patients, schedule appointments, keep track of your appointments, record all medical history, generate medical reports and also have complete financial control if desired.

The best part of the MediView Pro, is that it is a friendly - easy to use system. You and your assistants can learn to use it in just a couple of hours. It is straightforward, with no complications and ready to use.

This system will prove to be beneficial to both you and your patients. To be able to have a complete medical history of your patient and to instantly manage all your patients’ data, will contribute in providing the most suitable treatment. To be able share information with other specialist, will efficiently increase accurate communication between colleagues and at the end of the day, to able to provide excellent support, especially in the medical world, is essential to secure and improve patients health levels.

MediView Pro is the PHD of Digital Medical Recording!

Photo Moments 

The Photo Moments system is a Software designed to assist Photographers in the process of the selection and ordering of photos captured from an event in an organized and efficient manner.

This is an on-line site whereby each photographer can provide to his customers a display of the photos captured from an event. The customer can access the event photos only when provided with a unique code. Once he accesses the event he will have the ability to view the photos displayed and select the photos he would like to purchase with a specific size or color option.

This system helps your organization expand on-line! With a few simple steps you will be able to manage all your photos and events and make them available to your customers to begin ordering. This process is done easily, fast and securely, hence getting you ahead to just start making money! 

Photo Moments...my way of photo selecting!