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3CX Phone System

3CX Phone System…A pioneering method of telecommunication to maintain your professionalism and at the same time reduce your company expenses.

The 3CX phone system is a complete solution for your business telecommunication needs…. Whether you are on the go or in the office you can constantly communicate with your coworkers and customers.

Just to name a few of its advantages…3CX is a Software based system that is easy to install & manage and can connect with most IP Phones & SIP Trunks. Administrators can easily create extensions, create various rules, backup and make PBX configuration changes without needing the PBX vendor. Most importantly it is a scalable solution. As your company grows and expands all you will have to do is just add new extensions in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

Furthermore you will be able to work remotely from anywhere via your mobile phone without losing the abilities and the functions that the 3CX system has to offer. You will be able to see who is available, have full video capability, hold web conferences and in general you will be able to provide unique customer service by making sure to receive calls from important clients.

In a Nutshell, 3CX helps you to:

  • Reduce your Phone Billing Costs
  • Increase your Productivity and Mobility
  • Improve Customer Service 


3CX is the new way of modern communication within your business environment!




Engage today by contacting our sales team and certified engineer to experience the difference.


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3CX Appliance

The ultimate solution to your 3CX Installation!

The NX32 Lite is a small but powerful device that will optimize your 3CX IP Telephony Solution. This device comes with 3CX pre-installed and can support up to 150 users & 48 Concurrent Calls. It meets the minimum requirements to run 3CX with ease and comfort: dual core processor, 6GB Ram and 32GB EMMC Storage, USB & HDMI ports and 1*10/100/1000M WLAN & LAN Connectivity. Currently it is the only 3CX certified device for your 3CX PBX Solution. 

Key Advantages:

  • Plug’n’play installation
  • Easy Management – Cloud Portal
  • Suitable for up to 150 users and 48 Concurrent Calls
  • Supports 250+ SIP Trunks from 50 countries
  • Built in security (Secure Tunnel & Anti hacking module)
  • High Quality performance
  • Scalability
  • Value of money


And if you want to host your solution, this small device can act as an SBC to ensure high quality connectivity of your on-premises IP Phone devices.

We provide the only 3CX Certified Appliance in the market….Get it today and experience a complete Unified Communications solution with advanced features right out of the box!