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All for the Web

We all know that Internet today, is a worldwide access tool for all people needs. That is why we encourage you to take advantage of this by providing ideal solutions that would best promote your business!

The internet offers you vast opportunities, so it is important that you make the most of what can be offered. Would you like to have a flexible, scalable and accessible solution, from basic websites, to full online eCommerce stores? In-trust us, as we have years of experience and expertise on the matter.

Web Design

Increase your company exposure with an outstanding site!

It is no news that the peak of the 21st Century is the “Internet”. With almost over 800 million people using it to this day, it provides entrepreneurs with a cost effective and efficient way to communicate with their customers and promote their businesses. With internet users navigating in the system with dozens of website options each day, no wonder manager’s come to us asking for: user friendly, eye catching, informative web site, web-sites that can easily attract new prospects offering their products, services and support to customer in a responsive / interactive way.

Here at CSP we create unique, easy-to-use, friendly and attractive web sites based on our customers’ needs. All you have to do is provide us with the information context of what you desire your web-page to have, and we will transform this information to an all exclusive site.

Our highly trained professionals will ensure your brand and design vision to be reflected across every aspect of your site. Together, we will develop a concept and style to enhance your company core values. We have years of experience in delivering websites and we guarantee your business effective promotion!


Expand your sales worldwide!

Over the past couple of years on-line sales growth has increased tremendously. To have an online presence is a necessity! 

eCommerce gives you the opportunity to create new sales channels, giving you access to an ever expanding customer base which helps you to achieve growth and quick return on your investment. 

There are many factors to consider when selecting your online offering. This includes having a unique place in the market, being able to attract visitors by offering a pleasurable purchasing experience, encouraging conversion of visitors to customers, optimizing your search and marketing coverage and retaining customer loyalty. 

At CSP we have the solution. Based on your requirements, within a matter of days you will be able to upload instantly all the products you wish to promote. Intrust us to help sell your products world wide through an attractive, friendly, easy-to-use e-shops that will guarantee to increase your sales profits! 


SEO Analytics

Making sure your customers can find your business online has never been more important. Search Engine Optimisation and site traffic analysis position your company and brand for the best awareness and visibility on the web

It is important to track how effective your web-solutions are. With Web analytics we can track a range of statistics on how people use your website, how they find it, and at what point the user leaves.

Using this information, it is possible to monitor a vast range of performance metrics: 
Effectiveness of capturing and holding visitors
How many new potential clients are visiting the site
Where site visitors are from, and the topics that interest them
How do people find your site, and why they leave
What content on the site is the most popular, and why
Furthermore, based on this knowledge, we will help you make the necessary changers that will help your web-solutions have a better impact in the net. We will re-build the structure, add new context and in general make any adjustments and alterations required to best develop and improve your web-site for the future.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): All our sites are designed with search results in mind. We will ensure that the site’s design, structure and code are optimised for search engine success. We can also advise you on writing copy and other techniques that will help your search engine ranking.



Hosting Services 

CSP provides a range of services to host your web solutions. Regardless of the size or scale of the project, we can provide the necessary hosting and hardware infrastructure to support your systems.
Why choose us for hosting? Cause we provide reliable, high speed, fault-tolerant web hosting technology, so that your site visitors can access your web site fast and easy.

By using our web-hosting services we assure you peace of mind to know that your website will always be available for you and your customers!

Mobile Apps 

The new trendy way to get your business known!

CSP offers a fast and easy way to promote your business via today’s latest trend: Mobile Application! On any smart phone , your customers can download your business application that is directly linked to your web-site, face-book, twitter account and any other social media you have available. Thus your customers will be 24/7 updated instantly with any latest news or information about your company.